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June 20-22, 2019

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Rockingham County Fairgrounds
4808 S. Valley Pike
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Plenty of tailgating spaces available!

2019 Fur Takers of America

Contact: Travis Bandy
Email: travisbandy@ymail.com
Phone: (276) 210-7105
Check back often as we add more details!
Host Motels

The Holiday Inn Express
3325 S Main St.
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
(540) 433-9999

Country Inn Suites
27 Covenant Dr.
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
(540) 433-2400
Other Local Lodging
Convention Demo Schedule

Special Attractions

There are more than 10,000 rooms within 5 miles of the fairgrounds and over 70 RV full hook-ups on the grounds and primitive camping, with or without electricity.
Area Attractions

Mountain Man and Indian Encampments set up on the grounds!
Saturday Night - Music by Nothin' Fancy, an internationally known Bluegrass group.
World renown sportsman,
Tom Miranda

subject to change

Thursday, June 20th, Main Demo Area 
8am Don Powell of PA, Mink Trapping
9am Carl McGlothlin of VA, Snaring
10am Leon Windschitl of MN, Top Lot Coon
11am Mike Sells of IA, Daytime Raccoon calling
12pm Rusty Johnson of GA, Predators
1pm Morgan Bennett of MD, Tidal Muskrats
2pm Kendall Obermier of IA, Coyotes
3pm Ed Schnieder of KS, Predator Location
4pm Jeff Dunlap of MI, Beginner Predator Trapping
5pm Doug Lansburg of NY, Marten/Fisher trapping

Thursday, June 20th, Secondary Demo Area
2:30pm Article Writing with Dave Hastings, Rich Faler & Eric Arnold
4:30pm Ron Jones of NJ, Synthetic Deer Scents and Mock Scrapes

Friday, June 21st, Main Demo Area
8am David Gore of MS, Live Market Fox & Coyote 
9am Mark Kohler of OH, Fox/Coyote
10am Jeff Dunnier of TX, Beaver
11am Russ Carmen of PA, Q&A 
12pm  Mark Zagger of NY, Coyote Trapping 
1pm Lesel Reuwsaat of SD, Predator Trapping
2pm Newt Sterling of NJ, Snaring
3pm Dave Plueger of IA, Raccoon
4pm Jim Comstock of NY, Cage Traps
5pm Don Shumaker of VA, Coyote Calling

Friday, June 21st, Secondary Demo Area
9:30am Jack Hill of WI, Lure & Bait Making
10:30am Adrian Romero of NM, Taking Better Trapline Pictures
11:30am Charlie Masheck of IN, Out-of-State Trapping
1:30pm Antique Trap Collecting and Show & Tell
2:30pm Tom Beaudette of CO, Calling, Guns & Shooting
3:30pm Gary Jepson and Robert Colona, Lure and Bait Usage
4:30pm John Houben of WV, Trapping with Dogs

Saturday, June 22nd, Main Demo Area
8am Phil Brown of PA, Fox Trapping
9am Robert Waddell of MO, Coyotes
10am Ron Jones of NJ, The Double Loaded Snare
11am Claudie Taylor of NC, Otter Trapping
12pm Tom Miranda
1pm Ron Leggett of MD, Fox Trapping
2pm Gary Jepson of ND, Coyote
3pm Warren Pence of VA, Bobcats
4pm Shawn Phillips of AL, Predator Management for Improving Your Deer Herd

Saturday, June 22nd, Secondary Demo Area
9:30am Bryan Flowers of PA, Bear Trapping
10:30am Rick Shadel of PA, Cage Trap Use & Safe Use of Bodygrip Traps in Locations You Would Never Use Them
11:30am John Houben of WV, Bait/Lure Usage
1:30 Chad Siever of VA, Wildlife Food Plots

General Admission:
$10 per day or $20 for the weekend
 Family of Four: $30 per day, or $60 for the weekend.
Veterans with ID: Free Gate Admission
Kids 12 & Under: Free

Two Demo Areas
Twice the demos so you can take your pick! Demos schedule in each area will be staggered by 30 minutes with every effort to schedule non-competative topics.

High Country Control
Southeastern Outdoor Supply
Trappers World magazine
Old South Lures
Websters Predator Control
Reuwsaat Lures
Sawmill Creek Lures
Southern Snare Supply
Funke Trap Tags
Duke Traps
Adirondack Trapper Co
Bearded Amish
Dobbins Products
Murray's Trap Supply
Kansas Trapline Products
Victor Traps
Glenn Cooley American Coon Cap
Great Northern Fur
J3 Outdoors
Round Bodygrip Traps
F&T Fur Harvestors
Dunlap Lures
David Coffman Rustic Frames
Johnny Z Knives
Lone Wolf Lures
Weiks Fur Shed Fabrication
Top Lot Stretcher Co
Rodgers Hides and Supplies
Hoosier Trap Supply
No BS Lures
Coyote U / Mark Zagger
Sterling Fur Company
Daytime Raccoon Calling
Bill Kasten
Berkshire Gold
North American Fur Auction
Epler Fur
FurLife TV
Wildlife Control Supplies
Winter Wildlife Control
Adrian Romero Fine Art
Perfection Lures
High Country Control - Tom Beaudette
Blue Ridge Outdoor Supply
Jim Tates Wolfen Baits and Lure
Down South Trappers
ACP Redneck's Pride
Smitty's Stretchers