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FTA Circle of Friends

Silver Lynx Circle (over $5,000)

Elusive Bobcat Circle ($2500 - $4999)

Clever Coyote Circle ($1000 - $2499)
North Carolina Trappers Association
Pennsylvania Trappers Association

Sly Fox Circle ($500 - $999)
North Central Illinois Fur Takers Chapter 17-I
Gene & Donna Purdy

XXXL Mink Circle ($100 - $499)
Harold Curry
Jeff Dunar
Florida Trappers Association
Ken Franseen
Bob Frizzell
Bill Guiles
Kansas Fur Harvesters Association
Anton Kaska
Tom Kasun, Jr.
Charlie Miller
Marvin D. Miller
North Dakota Fur Takers Association
Fred Phillips
Charles D. Pollansky
Texas Trappers & Fur Hunters Association
Upper Snake River Trappers of Idaho
Wisconsin Trappers Association

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