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FTA Circle of Friends

Silver Lynx Circle (over $5,000)
Southwest Arkansas Fur Takers
Iowa Trappers Association

Elusive Bobcat Circle ($2500 - $4999)
Pennsylvania Trapper's Association

Clever Coyote Circle ($1000 - $2499)
Pennsylvania Trappers District 9
Jeff Dunnier
Bruce Keis

Sly Fox Circle ($500 - $999)
North Central Illinois Fur Takers #17I
Nebraska Fur Harvesters
NY Foothills Trappers
Wisconsin Trappers Assn.
Minnesota Trapline Products
Alaska Frontier Trappers Assn.
Sterling Fur
Quad Products
Indiana Fur Takers Chapter 7B
Joe Goodman
Nevada Trappers Association
NE Ohio Fur Takers Chapter 8

XXXL Mink Circle ($100 - $499)
Bennie Bailey
James Whitman
William Guiles
New Jersey Trappers Association
Ohio Fur Takers Chapter 8-E (Memory of Eric Shipman)
Troy Fondie
Harold Curry
Joe Jack
Donovan Baldwin
Robert S. Reid
Jason Gehman
Robert Risner
Illinois Fur Takers Chapter 17B
East Central Iowa Chapter 16
Columbia County Trappers Assoc
South Dakota Trapper's Assoc.
PTA District 10
Maryland Fur Trappers
New Jersey Fur Harvesters
U.P. Trappers Assoc, District 3
IL Trappers Association
Kansas Fur Harvesters
L.C. Emmerson
Roberet Lighty
Stanford Smith
Mark Hawkins
Carl Bock
Andy Canoy
Minnesota Trappers Assoc.
Oneida Victor
Schmitt Enterprises
Cumberlands Northwest
Indiana State Trapper's Assoc.
S.W. Arkansas Fur Takers
Hoosier Trapping supply
Gary Strader
PTA District 8
Duke Trap Company
PTA Affiliate 6
Todd Turner
West Virginia Trappers Assoc.
VTA District 1
Kraemer, Dave

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