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FTA Hall Of Fame
 Dawn Reding, Ph.D. Iowa State and others have published the findings of a multi-year project. Read the complete paperwork at the links below.
Genetic Differentiation in the Bobcat
2012 Bobcat Genetics Summary
Research on Bobcat Genetics
Trapping and Furbearer Management in North American Wildlife Conservation

This work was published in March 2015 by the International Journal of Environmental Studies and authored by the U.S. Government. The complete text can be viewed on our website.
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To celebrate the Golden anniversary of the FTA, we will be creating the Christmas Fur Blanket with fur from all around the country. It would be great if all chapters and affiliates are included. We ask that each send in one TANNED fur of their choice to be included in the Christmas Blanket. A weasel, Lynx, Muskrat or Beaver, any fur will be great to include. Identify the fur by making on hide side with your chapter or affiliate and send it in. Ship to Jeff Dunnier, Ron Peters, Dan Gates or Tim Julien (addresses and contact information are included in the Fur Taker). You may also bring with you to the national convention in June in Iowa. We will be shipping for final production immediately after the convention so please don’t wait. We really would like to have everyone included in this project.

Park Memorial Scholarship
The Charles & Pat Park Memorial Scholarship was created to provide financial support to an individual to attend the Fur Takers of America Trappers College. The hope is to raise enough money to make the scholarship an annual scholarship.
Charles was a founding father of the Trappers College and a Director for 25 years. Pat played a significant position in the college as well, as she took the reservations for many years and communicated with the trappers as they prepared to attend.
As family continues to grieve the loss of these two great individuals, we invite you to make donations to the memorial scholarship fund to carry on the impact Charles and Pat made on the Fur Takers Family.
Information referencing the scholarship application will be published in the upcoming months.
Send donations to: FTA Trappers College, PO Box 51, LaGrange, IN 46761. Please clearly note this donation is for the Park Memorial Scholarship.